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Cambridge is one of the best places to cycle because it is relatively flat and has an extensive cycle route network. It is a practical alternative to driving and is fun, safe, and a healthy activity for all ages. There are many stores where you can hire or buy a bicycle. A number of cycle shops offer discounts on cycles and accessories to University employees. All you need to do is show your University card. Details can be found here.

All University staff appointed for 3 months or more can apply for a travel to work loan which can be put toward the cost of a bicycle.

The University also runs the cycle to work initiative, which enables employers to lease bicycles and associated safety equipment to their employees through what is called salary sacrifice. This means that employees are able to receive Income Tax and National Insurance savings on the retail price of the chosen bike and safety equipment package. The scheme is administered through a salary sacrifice/hire agreement, and is run in accordance with the Government's Green Travel Plan.

A few important rules of the road for cyclists:

  1. Wearing a helmet not only reduces injuries, but can also save your life
  2. Wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night
  3. For legal reasons, you must have reflective lights and headlights on your bicycle

Cambridgeshire County Council provides further information on cycle safety, including links to adult cycle training sessions.