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The National Health Service (NHS) has comprehensive guidance and support for parents with babies and toddlers. You may also contact your family doctor (GP) at any time with questions or for appointments. Also, you may see someone at home called a health visitor who is a qualified nurse, for a new baby visit or if you are having a problem.  Some GPs offer mother and baby, parent and toddler, breast feeding, and peer support groups.

Children's centres provide health and family support services and information for children aged 0 to 5 years of age and their families. Their website is:

Everyone needs help now and then. Familylives is an organization that supports families with any challenge you might face. Their helpline number is: 0808 002222. Also, you can ask your NHS provider about seeing a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) professional who are trained to understand emotional, developmental, and behavioural issues.

There are a number of local support groups and play groups, many of which are run by parents on a voluntary basis and can be a great way to meet new people and get support. You can find out more about what is on in your local area by looking at the Cambridgeshire Child and Family Centres website for activities for under-fives.

Libraries have a wide range of books available for babies and young children to borrow for free. For more details visit the Cambridgeshire libraries webpage. Many libraries also provide additional groups and services such as the Rhymetimes and Storytimes group and Bookstart. Libraries can be a good source of information for what activities are running locally and you can pick up free leaflets and magazines which list events in your area. For more details visit the Cambridgeshire libraries website at

For information on fun places to visit in the Cambridge area with infants, you can find some ideas here.

Further, more informal, support can also be obtained through sources such as: