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Working in the UK

If you have permission to work in the UK, working can be a good way to meet local people and make new friends, as well as earn extra money. It may be difficult initially to find work in your area of experience, so at first you may have to take a job that you would not normally do back home. There are many ways to look for work – here are some suggestions:

  • The University has its own Careers Service which partners and dependants of University staff can visit for advice.
  • Newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian or the Daily Telegraph often have a job advert section, which they run weekly. You can read newspapers free of charge at Cambridge Central Library. The local Cambridge News also has a jobs section on their website.
  • There are a number of job search websites, which include and Jooble, which advertise jobs nationally.

  • Visit a Job Centre. These are run by the Government and advertise a vast range of jobs. Universal Jobmatch is the online search tool of the Job Centre.

Volunteering in the UK

Volunteering means working unpaid by giving your time and skills for free. Voluntary work can be a great way to learn new skills, gain experience for your CV and be involved in something worthwhile in the local community. There is a huge range of volunteering opportunities at all skills levels.

The University of Cambridge hosts a wide range of volunteering opportunities, including:

Please also see the staff and student Volunteering Opportunities section of our webpages for further details of other organisations that place volunteers locally, nationally and internationally.