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Q. Where can I find information on timesheets?

Information on the TES online timesheets can be found here This page contains a detailed document and a quick reference guide with guidance on all aspects of filling in your timesheets.

Q. Why am I unable to log onto the TES timesheet system?

Have you recieved an automated email telling you an account has been created for you? If not please contact the TES Office

If you have please follow the link on the email. This will take you to a page where you can set up your password.

Once you have set your password you should be able to log in, please note:

  • Your user name is the email address that the automated email was sent to.
  • Your password is the one you set (if you forget your password there is a link for you to reset it).
  • Please type carefully as typos mean you will not be able to log in.

Please check you are using the correct access link to log into your account. Once you have activated your account you should no longer be using the link in the activation email. Instead you should use the link that takes you straight to your account, this is

Please check you are in the correct portal – there is a workers’ portal (blue background) and an authorisers’ portal (maroon background).

If you still cannot log in when you have tried all of the above then please contact the TES Office.


Q. I have accessed my TES timesheet account but cannot see any timesheets, what is the issue?

The system only shows timesheets for the current and past weeks, therefore, if your assignment does not start until the following week you will not yet have any timesheets available to you.

If you have not submitted your bank details to TES then you will not be able to access your timesheets. Please submit your completed bank details form to

If you have very recently submitted your bank details form to TES, then we may not have been able to update our system yet. Please try again in a day or two.

If you have been working in your assignment for a while, submitting timesheets and can suddenly no longer see any new timesheets, then you may have accidently closed down the assignment when you submitted your previous timesheet. Please contact the TES office so this can be rectified.

Q. Who should I contact if I have an issue with the TES timesheet system?

If the answer to your query cannot be found on our web pages, please contact the TES Office on 01223 332348 or

Q. I have empty timesheets that I do not need to claim hours, holiday or sickness on, what do I do with them?

You do not need to do anything with these timesheets, they can just be left in your ‘Empty timesheets’ list. 

Q. What do I do if I accidently submit the wrong timesheet?

  • If your timesheet has not been authorised ask one of your authorisers to reject it, you can then blank the hours out of it and it will be available for you to use another week if needed.
  • If your timesheet has already been authorised but has not been paid please contact the TES Office. We will be able to blank out the timesheet for you. If you need to use the timesheet again in the future you will need to contact us again.
  • If your timesheet has already been paid then please contact the TES Office.

Q. Can I work for more hours than the expected hours per week shown on my assignment agreement?

If your department ask you to work additional hours and you are happy to, then it is fine to do so. If this is just an occasional increase then there is no need to inform the TES office. If there is a permanent change to your weekly hours then your supervisor should inform the TES office. Whatever your hours are, please note the importance of adhering to the hours and breaks restrictions.

Q. How many timesheet authorisers should I have?

We have recommended to departments that they set up at least two people who can authorise your timesheets. If you are finding that your authorisers are not available then you should discuss with your supervisor to see if someone else could be added.

Q. How do I know who will authorise my timesheets?

When you submit your timesheet for authorisation you will receive an email confirming this and it will list the people set up as timesheet authorisers.

Q. How do I change my timesheet authorisers?

If you need to add/remove someone as a timesheet authoriser then you will need to ask your supervisor to email the TES Office with the necessary information.

Q. How do I know my timesheet has been authorised?

You will receive an email letting you know that your timesheet has been authorised. You can also log into the timesheet app and it will show you whether or not the timesheet has been authorised.

Q. Whose responsibility is it to get a timesheet authorised?

The responsibility for submission and authorisation of your timesheet lays with you and your authorisers. TES does not have the capacity to chase up on timesheets that have not been received. If it is nearing the timesheet deadline and you have not received confirmation that your timesheet has been authorised, then you should contact your authorisers to remind them.

Q. What do I do if my timesheet has not been authorised?

TES cannot process your timesheet until it has been authorised. The responsibility for submission and authorisation of your timesheet lays with you and your authorisers. If it is nearing the timesheet deadline and you have not received confirmation that your timesheet has been authorised, then you should contact your authorisers to remind them.

Q. Why am I not able to claim any holiday this week?

Holiday can only be claimed when you take time off from your assignment. So, for example, if your assignment expected working hours are 36.5hpw and you:

·         Work for 36.5 hours

·         Are sick for 36.5 hours

·         Work and are sick for a combined total of 36.5 hours

then you will not be able to claim holiday as your full expected hours have been covered by work and/or sickness, so there is no time left to be taken as holiday.

Q. I have not worked this week but the timesheet system is not letting me claim holiday pay, why not?

You may have used up all your holiday previously so may not have any to claim.

You may have timesheets awaiting authorisation – until these are authorised the holiday accrued is not added to your balance. If you need to claim holiday please ask your authorisers to sign off any unauthorised timesheets.

Q. Why is the holiday I accumulated on a previous timesheet not showing up on my next timesheet?

Holiday pay accumulation will only be credited to your account once a timesheet has been authorised. If you have an outstanding timesheet that is awaiting authorisation and you need the holiday accrual to show in a current timesheet you are filling in, then you will need to ask your authoriser to approve the previous timesheet before you submit the new one.

Q. Can I claim holiday in advance?

No, this is not possible. Timesheets are only released at midnight on Sunday for the coming week, so you will need to wait until then to submit a timesheet. As timesheets are accessible on the internet we would hope that the vast majority of the time, even if you have gone away on holiday, you will still be able to access your timesheet to claim your holiday pay. If, however, you are going to be away somewhere with no internet access then please do contact the TES office before you go away and we will assist you.

Q. Can I claim my holiday pay each week instead of saving it up for when I take annual leave?

No, this is not possible. Holiday pay is there to enable you to take paid time off work for health and wellbeing. We are therefore only able to pay out holiday pay when you have taken time off from your assignment. If you are not able to use up all of your holiday pay during your assignment then any outstanding holiday allowance will be paid out to you when you close your assignment down.

Q. Why haven’t I been paid my outstanding holiday at the end of my assignment?

Any outstanding holiday will be paid out to you at the end of an assignment, however, this is contingent on you closing down your assignment via your final timesheet – you will need to tick to say that it is the final timesheet. If you do not do this we don’t know that the assignment has ended so cannot pay out your holiday allowance.

If you forgot to tick that a timesheet was the final one, please go back into your timesheets and submit a blank timesheet and tick on that one that it is the final one, this will close down your timesheet and your holiday will be paid out.

Q. Do I get paid for bank holidays?

There is no provision for TES workers to be paid for bank holidays if you do not work them. However, your annual leave allowance does include pay for bank holidays – your annual leave allowance is based on 28 days holiday a year (8 days bank holiday + 20 additional days). If you wish to be paid some of your annual leave when you take a bank holiday off then you just need to claim some of your holiday on the relevant timesheet. If you work on a bank holiday then you will of course be paid for it.

Q. Do I get paid overtime?

Temporary workers get paid for all hours worked, so if your expected working hours are 36.5hpw, but you work 40 hours in one week, then you will be paid for 40 hours. However, you will be paid at your standard hourly rate for all the hours – there is no ‘overtime rate’ for temporary workers. This is also the case for weekend working i.e. there is no ‘weekend rate’ – all work is paid at the standard hourly rate.

Q. Can I get sick pay?

TES workers do not get paid for hours missed from work due to sickness.

You accumulate holiday pay against the hours you would have worked in your assignment but have not been able to work due to sickness. To claim this you must fill out the sickness section of a timesheet for each day that you would have worked but were sick and so couldn’t.

Information on filling in sickness on your timesheet can be found in the Worker User guide (full version)

You are able to apply for statutory sick pay (SSP) – whether you receive this is calculated by Payroll (based on government legislation) and is dependent on how much work you have done prior to the sickness. If you are entitled to SSP it is effective from the 4th day of your sickness until you are fit for work again, or until the end of your assignment or until the entitlement runs out – whichever is the earliest. The 4th day of sickness is the fourth day after the first day you missed work due to illness.

For an SSP application you would need to fill in the CHRIS/73 form (leaving the return date blank if you are not sure when you will be back in work) – this does need to be actually signed by you. We would also need a doctor’s note to cover any sickness beyond the first 7 days.

Q. What day will I be paid?

If your timesheet is authorised by the 3pm deadline on a Friday afternoon then you will be paid the following week. Most payments go into your bank account on the Thursday of the next week, a few banks take a day longer so if your bank is one of them you would get paid on the Friday. 

If you are on a monthly contract with the University in addition to your TES work, your TES pay will be added into your monthly pay. A list of the deadlines for your timesheets can be found here.

Q. How do I access my payslip?

Payslips for Temporary Workers

Your payslips are available online through Employee Self Service (ESS).

If you have Raven access:

  • ESS login:
  • Login with your CRSID and your Raven password
  • Click on the ‘Pay and Benefits’ tab and you will have access to your P60, P45 and the last 12 months of payslips. The search function on this page will enable you to find these documents going further back.
  • Please note that the other features of ESS should not be used by TES workers as ESS does not link up to the TES database. If you wish to update your personal information please email the TES office.
  • Please note that you will only have access to these documents for two months after you are made a leaver from TES.

If you do not have Raven access:

  • Please ask your Line Manager if you will be receiving Raven access to undertake your assignment
    • If so, you will be able to access your payslips as above
    • If not, please contact the TES office and we will help to arrange Raven access for you

For more info about ESS:

Q. Why have I not been paid?

Was your timesheet authorised in time for the deadline? If not then your pay will be delayed. 

Are you on the monthly payroll as well as working through TES? If so your TES pay will be added to your monthly pay and you will not be paid weekly for your TES work.

Q. What should I do at the end of my assignment?

When you submit the last timesheet for your assignment you should answer ‘yes’ to the question at the end of your timesheet that asks ‘Is this your final timesheet submission for this assignment?’. You will then be asked to say whether you are staying with TES or moving on.

If you are a TES pool worker and you wish to return to the pool so we can look for new work for you, you should contact one of the Recruitment Co-ordinators to let them know that you are available again and to discuss any new experience you have gained. You should also send a new CV in to the TES office, this should include your latest experience.

Q. I am moving to a contract with the University, how do I get my P45?

If you indicate on your last timesheet that you are moving to a contract with the University then we will let the Payroll team know this and they will link up your record, this will mean there is no need to issue a P45 or have you return it.