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Where recruiting into any given role at the University, and where a Skilled Worker Visa (SWV) is required for a non-UK national filling that role, you must assess whether that role can meet the minimum salary requirements required for the individual to gain this visa. 

This guidance document has been developed for those with recruitment responsibilities to assist you in determining if any given role can meet the SWV minimum salary requirements, taking into account all the possible ways that any given role could benefit from the 'tradeable' salary characteristics of the Skilled Worker Visa salary rules, where applicable.

If a role is not mentioned on this list, or if you are unsure of the eligibility of any given role, please contact the HR Compliance Team for verification.


How to use this guidance


Use the links below to find the eligible job role, as grouped by staff type/job category:

Within each category, you can then browse by job role.

For each job role, you will find guidance on whether the salary that will be offered for that role can meet minimum salary requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa. This guidance has automatically factored in all the potential 'tradeable' salary characterictics of the salary rules.

Where a role cannot meet the minimum salary requirements, then sponsorship via the Skilled Worker visa route will not be possible.