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Managing Stress and Promoting Wellbeing at Work policy



The University's Managing Stress and Promoting Wellbeing policy provides a source of reference material for all staff dealing with stress at work. Managing stress presents a challenge to all those concerned — it can be difficult to identify and tackle, with an impact both on the stressed person and those around them, seriously affecting quality of working lives and effectiveness in the workplace. It is therefore important to take prompt action to prevent, minimise and take action to manage stress. Advice on how to do this is given below.


For advice on what to do if you are experiencing stress, please refer to:

You should raise your concerns with your supervisor if you can. Other sources of advice include the Occupational Health Service or your GP if stress is affecting your health; the Staff Counselling Service if you are finding it difficult to cope.


For advice on how to tackle stress please refer to:

The HR Business Manager or HR Adviser allocated to your institution can provide detailed advice on individual cases.

General information

For general information about our stress policy and for advisory information please refer to: