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Chaplaincy is the provision of pastoral (spiritual) support for staff. College-based chaplaincy has been the traditional form of faith-based support within the University which, for historical reasons, has been predominantly Anglican. With the advent of other faith groups within the University, additional models of chaplaincy have developed wherein denominations, agencies and University societies nominate chaplains who may be academics, local or visiting clerics or laity, on either a stipendiary or voluntary basis.

Since 2009, the Chaplain to University Staff has worked in formal partnership with the University's Equality & Diversity Section and has forged links with the other University chaplaincies and faith communities across the city of Cambridge. This has led to increased collaboration in activities such as the Festival of Ideas and the Face-to-Faith discussion series.

Premises provided by the University

Merton Hall Farmhouse

Merton Hall Farmhouse is home to the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre provided by the University, and co-ordinated by the Chaplain to University Staff. It is situated on the West Cambridge site, on the corner of J. J. Thomson Avenue and Madingley Road. Cambridge, CB3 0FD. Telephone/Answerphone: 01223-(7)61271.

The centre is available for use by chaplains, small groups and individuals. One room is designated for Jamaat (group prayer) in the Islamic tradition.

To book or arrange access, contact

Sidgwick Site Prayer Room

There is a prayer room on the Sidgwick Site in Lecture Block A, which is designated for use by the University Islamic Society (ISoc). Jamaat is held five times daily.

Additional prayer rooms have been set aside within a number of other University buildings. Departmental Administrators or Custodians may be consulted for further information.

Addenbrooke's Hospital Chapel

Cambridge University Hospitals operates a multi-faith chapel, which is accessible to all members of staff and students and is open 24 hours a day.