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As part of the Technician Commitment work across the University, a series of videos have been put together to showcase some of the technical staff colleagues and their diverse roles across many sectors within the University.

One the technicians, Rob Theodore, from the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, carries out a huge variety of tasks within his role, from showing David Attenborough around the Museum to working on individual projects of his own.

As well as having a degree in Palaeontology and Evolution, he also has a Museum Studies degree from Leicester. Rob said: “I love Geology, I love Earth Sciences and being able to share that with lots of people is really amazing for me.”

To watch Rob’s Interview click here

Gabriela Grondys-Kotarba works as a Flow Cytometry Senior Assistant for the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research.

Flow Cytometry is a laser-based technique used by scientists to detect and analyse the chemical and physical characteristics of cells or particles.

Gabriela said “you have to love working with people” as part of your role and “you have to love problem solving.”

To watch Gabriela’s interview click here

Kevin Bullman works as a technician in the Department of Engineering and explained that his father was also a toolmaker before him and used to work as a technician in the Whittle Lab in Engineering before retiring.

Kevin’s career journey started when he joined a toolmaking apprenticeship at a local tool making company. From there Kevin said: “A position then became available in the machine shop in the Engineering department and I stayed there for 14 years. “I then applied for a Principal technician job at the Dyson Centre and I got the job.” Kevin then went onto Management and expressed he “enjoys nurturing the students he has and seeing them grow in themselves.”

To watch Kevin’s interview click here

Peter Matlock works as a Carpenter Joinery at Cambridge University Library, he says he doesn’t have a proudest moment because he is proud of everything he has achieved in the library.

One of his current projects is working on storage crates to hold spitting image puppet moulds. He said: “I really enjoy it because I get to design and construct pretty much anything made out of wood in the library.”

To watch Peter’s full interview click here

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