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For employees who are new to Cambridge, there are a range of benefits including a relocation policy, Accommodation Service and a Newcomer and Visiting Scholars Society.

Relocation expenses

If you are new to the University and relocating to Cambridge on a centrally funded appointment of two years or more, the University offers a Scheme for the Reimbursement of Relocation Expenses. Details and conditions of the scheme will also be provided in your starter pack.

Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service exists to help all members of Cambridge University, from students and academics to staff and visiting scholars, to find suitable accommodation. It can advise on rents, letting arrangements and tenancy agreements, as well as information on schools, banking, medical practices and other local facilities.

Newcomers and Visiting Scholars

The Newcomers and Visiting Scholars Group is an organisation within the University run by volunteers whose aim is to help newly arrived wives, husbands, partners and families of Visiting Scholars and Senior Members of the University to settle down in Cambridge and give them an opportunity to meet local people.