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1.1 The policy concerning consensual personal relationships between staff and students is intended to discourage such relationships of a sexual or other intimate nature occurring where a member of staff has a professional responsibility for a student and to ensure that, in the event that a relationship arises in such circumstances, arrangements are put in place to protect both parties from any perceptions of preferential or other inequitable treatment.

1.2 This guidance is designed to help staff and students, including Heads of Institutions, in determining how the policy should be implemented and provides further information and details about sources of support.  It should be read in conjunction with the policy and does not form part of employees' terms and conditions of employment.

1.3 A personal relationship of a sexual or other intimate nature between a student and a member of staff with academic, pastoral or administrative responsibilities towards that student can undermine the relationship of trust and confidence which is intrinsic to interactions between staff and students, and may give rise to an actual or apparent conflict of interest, risk of favouritism, or abuse of authority.

1.4 Members of staff are under a duty to act with integrity and not to place themselves in a position of actual or apparent conflict. A personal relationship in the circumstances described above should consequently be avoided. However, should such a situation arise, the requirements for disclosing the relationship set out in the policy, and the guidance that follows, will apply.