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3.1 Student

The policy defines a student as any person pursuing a course of study leading to the award of a degree, diploma, or certificate of the University. Where graduate students have teaching or teaching-related (teaching, supervision and/or assessment) duties, this policy applies to them as if they were a member of staff.

3.2 Staff

The policy defines a staff member as including any person who is engaged by the University as an employee or worker and/or who holds a University office or post, as well as any person to whom the University makes available any of the privileges or facilities normally afforded to its employees.This definition will include academic visitors and other classes of temporary, honorary and volunteer staff. As per 3.1, it also applies to graduate students, whether paid or unpaid, when teaching or undertaking teaching-related duties.

3.3 Professional Connection

The policy defines a professional connection as meaning any arrangement where a person in his or her capacity as a member of staff has any academic, pastoral or administrative responsibility for a student, including for acting as a research supervisor for a graduate research student, tutoring, teaching, selecting or assessing the student.

3.4 Personal Relationship

The policy defines a personal relationship as meaning any association, however brief, of a sexual or other intimate nature, either in person or remotely (for example, via social media, email or text messaging). It applies irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, race, and religion.