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Putting in place alternative arrangements

5.1 Following disclosure, the Head of Department (or equivalent post holder) will ensure as appropriate that the student is aware of the disclosure and that alternative arrangements are put in place to avoid the member of staff having any professional connection with the student.

In practice this may involve:

  • consulting with the member of staff and the student to identify any impact their relationship may have within the University;
  • facilitating the re-organisation of duties to minimise professional contact and ensure the member of staff is not tutoring, acting as a research supervisor, assessing or examining, providing pastoral care, or professionally responsible for administering activities in which the student is involved; and,
  • ensuring that appropriate action is taken to minimise the potential effect of the relationship on other staff and/or students.
  • ending or modifying the professional connection between the parties to ensure there is no threat to the integrity of either party.
  • withdrawing from writing references and recommendations for the student in question.

5.2 In all circumstances the Head of Department or equivalent post-holder will deal with the situation in a manner that protects the dignity and privacy of all parties, and seek to ensure that the student is neither advantaged nor disadvantaged. Those involved will be expected to comply with any decision or action.

5.3 There may be exceptional circumstances where it is difficult or impossible to avoid some involvement by the member of staff in the student’s study, for example where the student is conducting research in a very specialised area and/or where no alternative tutor or supervisor is available. In these circumstances, the Head of Department or equivalent post-holder should consider whether it would be appropriate to engage a co-supervisor or external supervisor, in order to ensure that the member of staff does not have sole responsibility for supervising the student’s work or for taking decisions that affect the student.

5.4 Heads of Department or equivalent may seek advice on a confidential basis from their HR Business Manager, HR Adviser, Head/Deputy Head of School or equivalent post-holder.