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Human Resources


This section covers particular questions that may arise about the University recruitment process. You may also find frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Recruitment Administration System (RAS) and the Web Recruitment System helpful:

Q. When can I advertise a vacancy created by a member of staff leaving?

You must not advertise a position until you have had formal confirmation that the existing occupant is leaving or you will be at risk from a claim of constructive dismissal. If you have had formal confirmation that an individual is leaving the University, you must process them as a leaver before you advertise their vacancy. If your member of staff is transferring to another institution within the University and the transfer process has not been completed by their new institution at the point you wish to advertise, please contact the Recruitment Administration team for assistance.

Q. I have never used RAS or Web Recruitment before, what do I need to do?

You will need to attend training before you are given access to RAS. You may also find it helpful to attend training on Web Recruitment if you are going to have write or admin level user access to this system. User guides, manuals and videos are also available to help you.

Please see the HR Systems web pages for full details.

Q. What do I have to do in relation to screening checks when I am about to recruit?

Before you begin recruiting, a key step in defining your vacancy (whether it is a new or existing post) is identifying the screening checks that it requires. If you are unsure what the different types of check are and which types of post they apply to, please review the information found in the Screening section of the Recruitment Guidance.

Once you have identified which checks are required for your vacancy, you must ensure that this information is correctly detailed in the CHRIS/PD33 (where applicable) and in RAS when you request permission to fill. The table found in the Identify screening checks section of the Recruitment Guidance outlines how you do this for different types of post. It is vital that you follow these instructions as not correctly specifying pre-employment checks can cause incorrect information to be displayed in adverts, incorrect questions to be asked in online application forms and delays in the appointment administration process, including the production of your new employee's contract.

Q. What does 'essential' mean in relation to screening checks?

A screening check must be selected as ‘essential’ in the CHRIS/PD33 (where applicable) and RAS if it is essential that it is completed before your successful applicant starts work; this can either be a legal requirement or a department policy requirement. The New Appointment Team will not add a new employee to Payroll or produce their contract until all essential checks have been satisfactorily completed. Please see the Identify required screening checks in the Recruitment Guidance for further information on when a check may be essential.

Q. I am making an overlap appointment (i.e. the new employee is starting before the person they are replacing has left), what do I need to do?

You must email the New Appointment Team to ask them to set up an overlap position. You don't need to wait until you have a preferred candidate before you do this. The subject line of your email should be ‘Overlap for PF88888’ and the body of the email should state the earliest date on which you may make an appointment. Further details are provided in the RAS manual.