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Thursday, 28 August, 2014
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All staff

Senior Academic Promotions: 1 October 2015 Exercise

This bulletin launches the 1 October 2015 exercise.  The guidance has been revised to incorporate feedback received on the 2014 exercise where it is in the interests of clarity and the efficient operation of the exercise, including feedback on the Contribution Reward Scheme for Senior Lecturers (Section 13).

Your particular attention is drawn to changes to the guidance listed in the appendix to this letter.  These include greater detail on using the full range of scores when assessing teaching and general contribution, further revision of the provisions for declaring additional considerations and how these are assessed by promotions committees and refining the Contribution Reward Scheme for Senior Lecturers introduced in last year’s exercise.

Heads of Institution have been asked to refer all eligible members of staff in their institutions to this letter and the guidance on the web as soon as possible.  Hard copies of the guidance for the 1 October 2015 exercise are being distributed to Committee members. A hard copy of the guidance will not be supplied to applicants, but can be provided on request.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 20 October 2014.  It would be helpful if, as soon as possible after that date, you could provide the relevant HR Business Manager with the following information by e-mail:

  • names of applicants
  • institutions of applicants
  • current office/post
  • office applied for
  • funding of office/post (e.g. UEF/other)

Please note that as last year, the timeframes have been adjusted to give applicants more time than in past exercises to seek advice from their Head of Institution or an appropriate senior academic colleague, and to receive guidance through the CV mentoring scheme before submitting their application. The amended timescales also give Faculty Promotions Committees a longer timeframe to hold their meetings and collect documentation (the first meeting is to be held by the end of November and the second meeting by the end of January).  Full details of timeframes are set out in Section 4 of the guidance.

The usual meetings with Chairs and Secretaries of Faculty Promotions Committees have been arranged for 10 October at 3.00 pm and 17 October at 2.30 pm respectively.  Meetings will be held at The Old Schools.  Existing Chairs and Secretaries of Sub-Committee are also invited to this meeting; they are asked to brief other Sub-Committee members accordingly.  In addition, since there are several new Chairs of Sub-Committees this year, a separate briefing for them has been arranged for 3 October at 3.00 pm.  Invitations to these meetings will be sent out shortly.

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Senior Academic Promotions: 1 October 2015 Exercise