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Human Resources

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Friday, 21 August, 2015
Action Required
Heads of Schools

Dear Colleagues

The Senior Academic Promotions 1 October 2016 exercise has been launched.  Please see the attached letter to the Chairs and Secretaries of Faculty Promotions Committees and Sub-Committees. Hard copies of the SAP booklets will be sent to FPC Secretaries within the next few days for distribution. The guidance is also available on the HR Division website here.
Please note that the application forms are not included in the guidance booklet as they can be accessed electronically.  Heads of Institutions and Chairs of Faculty Boards are asked to let eligible staff know of the launch of the exercise directing them to the website.  Further hard copies of the guidance booklet are available from your HR Business Manager if required.  

The deadline for the submission of applications to the relevant FPC Secretary is 19 October 2015.  You are asked to review the position of all eligible academic staff in your institution, with the assistance of appropriate senior colleagues if necessary, with a view to encouraging those you consider to have a good prospect of success in the promotions exercise to apply (para 1.6 of the guidance).  In addition academic staff considering whether to apply for promotion may seek advice from you or an appropriate senior academic colleague before deciding whether to make an application and for which office.  

Your Departmental or Faculty Administrator will receive a report of Senior Lecturers who are eligible for an award under the Contribution Reward Scheme.  Please review this report to ensure that all cases that meet the criteria are brought forward for consideration, by self-application, providing completed forms (Document 10) to the relevant FPC Secretary by 19 October 2015.

Also, please note that details of the Senior Research Promotions procedure and guidance will be circulated shortly, together with a list of staff eligible for consideration under that scheme.   This is a separate exercise but the process (in that applications will be considered by the relevant local and School Committees) and the timeframe are in line with those set out under the Senior Academic Promotions exercise.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your HR Business Manager or Adviser.

Best wishes

Sheila Gupta
Director of Human Resources


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Senior Academic Promotions 2016 Exercise