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Wednesday, 3 September, 2014
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All staff

Dear Colleagues,

Senior Researcher Promotions Procedure 2015

I would like to inform you of the launch of this year’s procedure for senior research staff seeking promotion to the positions of Principal Research Associate (PRA) and Director of Research (DoR). Whilst this route has been available for some time, a new procedure was developed last year to standardise practices across the University and provide a clearer framework for applications and the approvals process. The documents at the following link set out the details of the scheme.

Applications for promotion will be assessed against the evaluative criteria, and the strategic need for the role to be held at the higher level.  Confirmation that funding is available to support the higher salary costs for the duration of the appointment will be required. The scheme has been designed to run in parallel with the annual Senior Academic Promotions exercise and thus promotions will take effect from 1 October following the year of application.

Heads of Institution should consider any applications they receive and forward them to the Chair of the relevant local committee with a written recommendation.  Applications will be considered at the relevant local committee and their recommendations will be forwarded to the centrally organised School level committee which meets during March 2015 (with the same membership as the Senior Academic Promotions Sub Committees). Outcomes from those committees will be submitted to the Chair of the Human Resources Committee for final approval.

In order to help facilitate the above process, within the next few days your Departmental or Faculty Administrator will receive a report of eligible researchers to enable you to notify staff individually of the terms of the scheme and refer them to the procedure documents (and application forms) on the web:

Please contact your HR Business Manager if you have any questions about the scheme.



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Senior Researcher Promotions Procedure 2015