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Monday, 20 October, 2014
Information Only
All staff

Dear colleague,

This is an important message about the Universities Superannuation Scheme.  If you are an administrator, or have HR responsibilities, please forward to all colleagues who are members of USS and, where appropriate, include a reference to the weblinks below on your local website.

I refer to my e-mail of 29 September 2014 concerning the potential changes to the structure and benefits of the Universities Superannuation Scheme.   As you are aware Universities UK (UUK) consulted with employers over the summer regarding this matter and a response was sent by the University last month.  The Employers Pension Forum (EPF) has now met to consider the responses and has issued further information for members of USS on the proposals for the future of USS.

These documents are now available from the Pensions Section website at:

Could you also please remind colleagues that the Vice-Chancellor will chair a Discussion at 2pm on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 on the Future of USS in the Senate House.  All employees of the University who are members of the USS to are entitled to attend the Discussion and to speak on this topic, time permitting (see

I can confirm that as new information becomes available it will be posted to the website above.



Dr J W Nicholls


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Universities Superannuation Scheme