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Q. What do I do if my authoriser is not available to sign off my timesheet?

We recommend that you have at least two authorisers who are able to sign off your timesheet. If it is sensible to add further authorisers then you will need to ask your current line manager to email to request additional authorisers to be added.  

If all of your authorisers are unavailable to sign off your timesheet you should contact your Departmental Administrator or Departmental HR Manager and ask if they are happy to sign off your timesheet in the absence of your authorisers. If they are then you should email to let us know who they are. We will then ask them to authorise your timesheet.

Q. What do I do if I am asked to work from home?

If you are undertaking any part of your assignment remotely, you should complete the Display Screen Equipment risk assessment before you commence work.  You should do this in liaison with your supervisor and the Department Safety Officer should provide any advice and support should issues be highlighted in the risk assessment. 

Q. What do I do if I am sick?

All sickness should be reported to your line manager. You should also let TES know if you are sick.

If you are ill you will not receive your standard hourly pay but you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) provided that you satisfy the qualifying conditions. To apply for SSP you should fill in a CHRIS/73 form and send it through to TES at Further detail on SSP can be fund at Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) : Overview - GOV.UK (

Sickness for a period of over 7 consecutive days usually needs to be supported by a doctor’s note, see When do I need a fit note? - NHS ( for further details.

You should keep your department and TES notified about your sickness and your expected return to work.

Q. Is there any additional financial help available to TES workers?

TES workers who are in an active assignment are able to apply for the Staff Hardship Grant Scheme, details can be found at Staff Hardship Grant Scheme | Human Resources (

Q. What do I do if my question is not answered in these FAQs?

If you have queries that are not covered in these FAQs please do contact the TES office on

We will update these FAQs with answers to common questions on a regular basis so please do check back here as well.