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Human Resources


The University regards its staff as its greatest asset and is committed to ensuring that all staff members reach their full potential in their roles. The probationary period plays an important part in this process and confirmation that probation has been passed is an important milestone for staff members.

Probation is a formal arrangement at the start of an appointment during which the probationer has the opportunity to understand the requirements of their role and to demonstrate their suitability within a reasonable timescale.

The Probationary Policy and Procedures apply from 1 October 2021 and can be found in the menu on the left of this page.

For staff members who are under probation at the time the new arrangements are introduced, the probationary period as set out in their terms and conditions of employment will continue to apply, but they should be managed under the new relevant procedural arrangements. If departments are unsure how to apply the new arrangements they should speak to their relevant HR School Team.  

Please note that the Probationary Policy and Procedures contain references to the new Academic (Teaching and Scholarship) Career Pathway in anticipation of its launch on 25 March 2022.