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Human Resources

Bulletin Date: 
Friday, 3 February, 2023
Process Changes
All staff

Introducing myHR

Andi Hudson, Director of HR, is pleased to announce that the University's new HR and payroll system will be called myHR and will launch in the summer of 2024. myHR is being introduced as part of the University’s HR Transformation Programme (Processes and Systems).

myHR will give every employee direct access to view and update their own personal and employment information and mean that they can carry out a range of HR-related tasks in a more efficient and consistent way, replacing paper-based processes. It will allow staff with management responsibility direct access to information required to support their team.  

For those who carry out HR-related activities across departments, myHR will replace inefficient paper-based transactions, enabling staff to focus their efforts on where they add most value, leading to an improved overall employee experience.  


Are you interested in becoming a HR Transformation Programme advocate?

The HR Transformation Programme is building a network of employees across all staff groups, areas and levels to support the delivery of myHR from summer 2024. If you, or someone in your team, is interested in joining the network, please register your interest or contact the HRTP Implementation Co-ordinator for your area.



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Update on the HR Transformation Programme.