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Human Resources


The following information about policies and procedures relating to disciplinary action, grievances and appeals is available online. Please note that appeals arising from capability and sickness absence decisions should be heard in accordance with the relevant appeals procedure for the staff member concerned.


University Officers

  • Statutes and Ordinances, Schedule to Statute C, Chaper III, Special Ordinance C(xii) and Special Ordinance C(xiii).

Unestablished Academic and Academic-related Staff (including Contract Research Staff)

Assistant Staff


Complaints about inappropriate behaviour

If you are considering making a complaint relating to inappropriate behaviour, please refer to the University's Dignity at Work Policy for further details.



Formal hearings and informal meetings under the University's disciplinary, grievance, Dignity at Work, and appeal procedures cannot be tape-recorded by either side and therefore will not be admissible as evidence even where a recording exists. A note-taker may be present at hearings to provide a formal record of the meeting. This will not be a verbatim record but will be made available for both parties to review and agree. This approach has been adopted to maintain the formality of proceedings and to minimise disruption.