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2.1 This policy applies to all members of staff and in addition the following:

  • Job applicants.
  • Hourly paid workers (eg casual staff or those paid via UPS).
  • Self employed staff/those on a Contract for Services.
  • Agency workers (including Temporary Employment Service workers).

For the purpose of this policy a relative is defined as:

  • Spouse or partner (including same sex partners and civil partners).
  • Former spouses or partners.
  • Parent, parent in law, grandparents.
  • Brother or sister, including in laws.
  • Son or daughter (including in laws) and grandchildren.
  • Aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin.
  • Step family members.
  • Close friends (although they are not relatives the nature of these relationships may result in nepotism, favouritism or unfair practice being implied or alleged).

This list is not exhaustive and it is the responsibility of members of staff to take any necessary action on the basis of common sense and reasonableness.