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Human Resources



1.1 All members of the University community have the right to be treated fairly, equitably and without bias. This right should not be compromised by any personal relationships that an individual or their colleagues may have with other members of staff. All employees have the right to expect professional behaviour from others and have a corresponding responsibility to behave professionally towards anyone they come in to contact with in the workplace.

The University recognises that there are occasions when relatives (see definition) are employed within the same Institution or in roles which need to interact with one another. In such situations there may be potential for conflicts of interest or allegations of favouritism, nepotism or unfair practice to occur. The University wishes to protect its employees from any treatment of this nature and to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and given equality of opportunity. This policy provides a guidance framework to ensure that working arrangements are fair and are seen to be fair in practice. It aims to ensure that decisions relating to appraisals, grievances, disciplinary cases, training and development, promotion, recruitment or decisions involving pay for all employees or potential employees are made impartially using sound judgement and without prejudice.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the University's Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Conduct, Dignity@Work Policy and the University's Employment Guidance. These policies aim to ensure that staff are recruited and progress within the University in a fair and equitable manner, determined only by personal merit and by the application of criteria which are related to the duties and conditions of each particular post and the needs of the Institution concerned.