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2. Eligibility

2.1 This policy applies to all employees of the University.  However, the policy should be read in conjunction with the relevant Statutes and Ordinances for University Officers (Statute C, Schedule).

2.2 This policy will only apply to employees on secondment if their substantive role is affected by a proposed organisational change or redundancy.

2.3 For employees holding honorary clinical contracts, any employment issues arising from an organisational change in the University will be managed jointly by the University and the relevant NHS Trust to the extent necessary.

2.4 Employees who are currently on Medical Research Council (MRC) terms and conditions are not covered by the University Organisational Change Policy. Separate arrangements will apply; guidance on this is available from the School of Clinical Medicine HR team.

2.5 This Policy does not form part of an employee's contract of employment and may be amended from time to time as appropriate, in consultation with trade unions and in line with standard procedure.

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