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Human Resources



This policy aims to:

  • protect all staff and those visiting and working in University buildings from the harmful effects of second-hand tobacco smoke;
  • ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities;
  • ensure that the University complies with relevant legislation.

This policy recognises that second-hand smoke adversely affects the health of all employees and is therefore concerned about where people smoke and the effect this has on other employees and members of the public.

This policy has been created to ensure that the University complies with current legislation (see annex 1 for further detail of the legislation). 


This policy seeks to guarantee all staff the right to work in air free of smoke generated by all types of burnt and smoked products. Smoking is prohibited throughout all enclosed/substantially enclosed University workplaces and University vehicles, with no exceptions.

Smokers are asked to refrain from smoking at entrances and exits to buildings or near to open windows or air handling units.  This policy applies to all staff, students, consultants, contractors and visitors. Members of staff and others who work on sites where smoking is already banned, or that operate under a local site specific policy, will continue to be covered by this.  On the Biomedical Campus site, the Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust’s smokefree policy is applicable to all buildings and all outside space which is designated to be part of the Campus. Where a member of staff has sole occupancy of a University domestic residence (tied with their job) they will not be subject to the policy. Staff who are tenants through the University Accommodation Service are bound by the tenancy agreement.