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The smokefree policy covers all types of burnt and smoked products including cigarettes, tobacco and non-tobacco cigarette products. This policy also applies to e-cigarettes and vapour pipes.

Smoking Areas

Smoking may be permitted on University land, but is not permitted inside University buildings and is discouraged near entrances and exits. Where smoking is permitted on land owned by the University, receptacles will be provided for the disposal of waste smoking materials and must be used at all times. Staff, students and visitors are only permitted to smoke in unenclosed designated areas.

Smoking Breaks

Staff who wish to smoke during the working day may do so during normal work breaks, in accordance with local arrangements.

Students and Visitors

Staff members are expected to inform temporary staff, students and visitors, including contractors and deliverers, of this policy. However they are not expected to enter into any confrontation that may put their personal safety at risk.

Support for Smokers

Comprehensive advice and support on giving up smoking can be found at:


Informing Staff of the Policy

University level induction sessions will refer to the smokefree policy and the reasons for it, and staff responsible for local induction programmes are encouraged to refer to the smokefree policy.

Signs will be placed at all entrances and at selected places within all buildings.

Recruitment Procedures

Further particulars of a vacancy will include reference to this policy.


It is expected that all staff will comply with this policy. Any infringement of these rules by an employee may result in disciplinary action being taken against them.

In the event of a breach of the policy by a student or visitor they should be asked to extinguish all smoking materials and be informed of the availability of external smoking areas, in a manner in accordance with local arrangements. If they continue to smoke, the matter should be referred to the appropriate manager or security staff. If students refuse to comply with this policy, their College will be informed in the first instance. Visitors will be asked to stop smoking and if they refuse to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the building.


Responsibility for implementing and monitoring this policy rests with Heads of Institutions. All staff are obliged to adhere to and facilitate the implementation of the policy.



This policy will be reviewed every three years.