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In many cases it will be appropriate for the member of staff to raise any concerns informally with their line manager in the first instance, either in person or in writing. It may be possible to agree a way of resolving the concern quickly and effectively.

However, where the matter is more serious, or the member of staff feels that their line manager has not addressed the concern, or they prefer not to follow that informal step for any reason, they may choose to raise the matter via Report + Support, or by contacting one of the following contacts listed below. Report + Support is a confidential and secure online reporting system that guides the reader through the necessary steps for making a disclosure. Individuals can select whether to disclose the matter anonymously or to provide their contact details.


If the disclosure is about either of those Officers, the member of staff may raise the concern with the Vice-Chancellor (tel. (3)32291, email

If the disclosure concerns the Vice-Chancellor, the member of staff may raise the concern with the Chair of the Audit Committee. The name of the Chairman existing at the time of a potential disclosure is published in the Officers Number of the Reporter in the section “Other Committees of the Central Bodies”.

The person to whom the disclosure is made will decide whether the matter should be dealt with under this procedure. If he or she considers that the matter should be dealt with under a different University procedure, s/he will advise the person making the disclosure as to the appropriate steps which should be taken.