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Any investigation will be conducted as sensitively and speedily as possible. The employee will be notified of the intended timetable for the investigation. The person to whom the disclosure is made may authorise an initial investigation to establish the relevant facts. The investigation may be conducted by the internal auditor in the case of a financial irregularity, or by another person. The investigator will report his or her findings to the person to whom the disclosure was made, who will then decide if there is a case to answer and what procedure to follow. This may include taking steps with the competent authority to set up a special internal independent investigation or reference to some external authority, such as the police, for further investigation. The decision may be that the matter would be more appropriately handled under existing procedures for grievance, bullying and harassment, or discipline.

Where disclosure is made the person or persons against whom it is made will be told at an early stage of it and of the evidence supporting it, and they will be allowed to respond.

The individual making the disclosure will be informed of what action is to be taken.

Should an investigation or referral lead the appropriate University authority to conclude there has been a breach of University discipline, the member or members of staff responsible may, in addition to any civil or criminal proceedings, be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the appropriate disciplinary procedures for the relevant category of staff.



An official written record will be kept of each stage of the procedure (see Reporting of outcomes).