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Raising a concern

To raise a concern under the policy please complete the whistle blowing complaint form which can be found here. You will be firstly be asked to provide a valid email address and then asked to complete the form. Once the form has been submitted it will be assigned to a suitable person.

The person to whom the disclosure is assigned will decide whether the matter should be dealt with under this procedure. If he or she considers that the matter should be dealt with under a different University procedure, s/he will advise the person making the disclosure as to the appropriate steps which should be taken

If you are unsure about whether your concerns are best dealt with under this policy or Grievance procedure, please read the scope of policy section above, which provides examples of the issues that should be reported using this form. If, having read the whistleblowing policy, you remain unsure about which procedure to use, please consult your HR Business Manager for further advice.