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Human Resources

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Thursday, 9 January, 2020
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All staff
The University is committed to nurturing a culture of mutual respect for all members of our collegiate community. We are aware from the responses to the staff surveys, that a number of staff have reported experiences of inappropriate behaviour. In addition to the individual harm this causes, such behaviour is inconsistent with the culture of mutual respect that the University wishes to foster at all times and in all areas of its work.
For a culture of mutual respect to flourish, we need a common understanding of how we should all behave towards one another, and we must be willing to tackle both the behaviour and the contributory factors that result in bullying and harassment. We also need to ensure that we have an environment in which staff feel able to report incidents, and trust the processes that are in place to address the issues raised. Work is already underway to implement many of the actions highlighted in this report and we will keep you updated on progress. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Staff Support Services which are available to you.
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