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Human Resources


These guidelines are designed to provide advice on the contractual arrangements that are available when appointing individuals.  It describes the contractual arrangements available for use by the University’s institutions. It covers employment contracts, worker agreements and contracts for services and sets out the circumstances in which each contractual arrangement should be used.


1.1    Identifying the appropriate contractual arrangements (Decision Tree)

The Decision Tree has been designed to determine whether, based on the circumstances, an individual should be either: employed (i.e., an employee); or engaged as a Worker or as a Self-Employed individual. By following the guidance within the Decision Tree, activities and options will be eliminated to enable an appropriate contractual arrangement to be selected.  

Where the Decision Tree indicates the status of the individual for engagement is that of Employee or a Worker, please refer to the appropriate advice below.

If you remain unsure of the status of an individual, please contact your HR School Team.