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This policy applies to all staff, regardless of length of service, who request flexibility in their working arrangements for a period of time of longer than three months.

Requests to work flexibly for periods of less than three months, for example for compassionate reasons or as a graduated return from sick leave, should be reviewed with the member of staff and agreed locally by the Head of institution or comparable authority, in accordance with guidance given by the Human Resources Division.

This policy also applies to staff wishing to apply to work flexibly for a limited period in certain circumstances such as:

  • career break
  • family leave
  • graduated return from maternity
  • sick leave

(Study and academic leave are covered by separate arrangements outside the scope of this policy.)

Details of these schemes are given in the Staff Guide for Academic and Academic-Related Staff and the Assistant Staff Handbook, which can be found, together with more detailed procedural information, on the Human Resources Division website. In all cases, the temporary arrangements must be to the institution's as well as the individual's benefit and the timescales must be clearly defined.