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5.1    Some individuals have “multiple engagements” with the University and their roles may fall into one or more of the categories outlined above.

5.2    Where individuals undertake substantially different types of work at different levels, potentially within different institutions and/or the activities are essentially unrelated, it may be appropriate for a separate type of contract to apply to each role. For example, an individual could have more than one part-time employment contract or have an employment contract and an ad-hoc worker agreement.   The two contracts should be treated independently of each other.  For example, one could be open-ended and one could be fixed-term.  In such cases, advice should be sought from the HR Division. 

5.3    There are situations where one contract could impact the status of another, specifically from a tax perspective i.e. an employee undertaking work as self-employed. In this situation, specialist advice should be sought from the University Employment Tax Team.

5.4    The HR Division will monitor the use of multiple engagements (to be included in the annual review: see 6.3 below) and work with institutions to consider whether there are alternative approaches that may be more suitable for such individuals and reduce the complexity of their working arrangements with the University.