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Human Resources


For information specific to arrangements during the coronavirus outbreak please see the COVID SharePoint site.


Flexible working

The University's Flexible Working Policy sets out the procedure to be followed when staff ask to work flexibly to achieve a better work/life balance. The most common reasons for such requests are:

  • To fit in with a dependant's care arrangements.
  • Preparing for retirement.
  • Coping with a disability.
  • Combining part-time University employment with other professionally-related work (if of benefit to all concerned).

The most common forms of flexible working arrangement are:

  • part-time working
  • job share
  • flexitime

Staff wanting to request a change to their existing working pattern should read this policy and discuss their proposal with their immediate supervisor before applying (using the FLEXAF form if a permanent change is requested or by letter if temporary). They should be prepared to give full details, eg proposed pattern of work and how their duties would be covered, and to attend a meeting with their Head of Institution to discuss their request (accompanied by a colleague or union representative if they wish). The Head of Institution will assess the request, taking into account operational requirements and the nature of the person's job, and write to the member of staff giving their decision. Any permanent change to terms and conditions resulting from the changed working pattern will be confirmed in writing.

Further guidance on flexible working is available from the relevant HR Adviser / HR Business Manager.