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Type of Leave Stipend Normally Payable Conditions
Sick leave
(Special Ordinance C (i) 2 (a)
Sick leave with full pay followed by a period at half pay, according to period of service. (This includes element of Statutory Sick Pay, SSP). See Reporter, 19 November 2003 p 171  Medical certificates must be supplied; Medical review conducted where sick leave is prolonged; Sabbatical leave accrual is suspended if sickness continues for more than 28 days in any Term
Maternity leave (including statutory entitlement) (Special Ordinance C (i) 2 (b) Form CHRIS/60 Maximum of 52 weeks' maternity leave. During the 52 weeks' maternity leave you will receive 18 weeks' maternity pay equal to your normal stipend. If eligible, you will then receive Statutory Maternity Pay for the next 21 weeks. The final 13 weeks leave is unpaid. No remunerative work to be carried out during paid leave; Sabbatical leave accrual continues.
Paternity / Co-Parent leave (including statutory entitlement)
Form CHRIS/65
In full, if satisfactory arrangements can be made to cover the work at no additional cost (includes statutory paternity pay, SPP) Maximum 2 weeks
Parental leave (statutory entitlement)
(Statutory entitlement)
Form CHRIS/66
Unpaid 18 weeks in total before child's eighteenth birthday. For more information please refer to Ordinary Parental Leave.
Adoption leave (including statutory entitlement)
Form CHRIS/64
As for maternity leave for children under 5 years; discretionary for older children but not less than statutory entitlement. (If eligible, 26 weeks at rate equivalent to SMP) Same as for Maternity leave.

Emergency leave for reasons connected with dependants

Form CHRIS/68

Normally up to 5 working days’ paid leave in any rolling 12-month period (pro-rated for part-time employees), with a limit of 2 working days’ paid leave permitted on any single occasion, for unforeseen emergencies involving dependants.  It may be combined with discretionary compassionate leave/annual/unpaid leave as appropriate Emergency leave covers genuine unforeseen emergencies for reasons connected with dependants or unexpected domestic or other emergencies.  It is granted according to the circumstances. The Head of Institution may complete form CHRIS/68 where appropriate.
Compassionate leave Discretionary According to circumstances