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Human Resources


Summary of Leave

The following tables summarise the types of leave available to academic, academic-related, or contract research staff. Leave entitlement for Assistant Staff is set out in full in the Assistant Staff Handbook.

Leave of absence for holders of University Offices is granted by the General Board or Council under Statute C 1(a) and Special Ordinance C(i). Where practicable, individuals are advised to consult the head of their institution on the timing of the leave to be taken. In some instances formal Faculty Board approval is also needed. In general, the competent authority may determine whether or not the whole or part of the normal stipend is payable. Absences of more than 28 days during a University Term affect accrual of sabbatical leave.

Heads of Institutions may record the dates on which members of staff are granted leave by means of a pro-forma leave chart (form PD/LC).