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This report includes details of (i) all overdue reviews (since the institution went live with SRD), (ii) all reviews completed during the last month  and (iii) all reviews due within the current month.

The following columns are shown:

  1. School
  2. Institution
  3. Person Reference no
  4. Surname
  5. Forename
  6. Title
  7. Posn Ref: position reference number
  8. Position: job title of the employee
  9. Job Type, e.g. Assistant, Academic Related etc
  10. Review Type, i.e. SRD Review or Probationary Review
  11. Due Date (only relevant in list (i))
  12. Actual Review Date (only relevant in lists (i) and (ii))
  13. Document Uploaded (Y/N) (this could be a review document or a training document)
  14. Reviewer Signed Off Date (only relevant in lists (i) and (ii))
  15. Reviewee Signed Off Date (only relevant in lists (i) and (ii))
  16. Next Review Date (only relevant in lists (ii) and (iii))
  17. Reviewer PRN: Person Reference number of the reviewer
  18. Reviewer Title
  19. Reviewer Surname
  20. Reviewer Forename


Excel 2007 (up to 3 worksheets).


1st of every month.


The report acts as a reminder of the next SRD date and to log the completion of SRD meetings.

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