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9.  What happens if you have behaved inappropriately

9.1.    While this Policy emphasises the value of an early, informal resolution process, there will be situations that can only be resolved through a formal grievance. Where a formal grievance is brought and upheld against an individual and the nature of the inappropriate behaviour warrants it, a separate procedure under the relevant disciplinary policy will be undertaken by the University. This may result in a formal warning being issued to the person demonstrating the inappropriate behaviour and training or other interventions may also be recommended.  In the case of serious or sustained misconduct, the procedure may result in the termination of employment.

9.2.    Additionally, where a Head of Institution has become aware of multiple concerns or complaints of inappropriate behaviour in their area, which may not have been formally reported but give rise to sufficient cause for concern, they may choose to conduct an investigation to understand the alleged behaviours in more detail and to determine if support and interventions are needed. Known as a University-instigated investigation, this is intended to ensure the effective resolution of concerns raised and the prevention of future inappropriate behaviours where identified by the investigation. Undertaking a University-instigated investigation should be done in consultation with the HR Business Partnering Team for that area and will involve agreed terms of reference with the relevant Institution and interviews with staff (and, if appropriate, students) to ascertain the key concerns and possible solutions. If the findings indicate, this may lead to a disciplinary process under the relevant procedure.