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2.  Purpose of this Policy

2.1.    This Policy aims to prevent inappropriate behaviour in the workplace and resolve incidents of such behaviour if they occur. In support of this aim, this Policy:

  • sets out the standards of behaviour expected from University employees and workers to ensure a common understanding of how everyone should behave towards one another
  • ensures that staff are able to disclose inappropriate behaviour if it does occur and are supported in the process of resolving it
  • promotes the early resolution of inappropriate behaviour wherever possible and appropriate, to prevent the psychological, health, and work-related problems such behaviour can cause
  • refers to what actions can be taken through the informal and formal resolution processes set out in the University’s grievance and disciplinary policies if this Policy’s principles are not observed.

2.2.    This Policy supports the University in its duty to provide a safe environment in which to work under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Experiencing inappropriate behaviour often impacts an individual’s physical and mental health and can also affect those who witness it.

2.3.    This Policy replaces the University’s previous Dignity at Work Policy and the associated procedures under that Policy. It is not contractual and may be amended from time to time, as necessary, in light of any changes in legislation or operational requirements.

2.4.    The associated policies and statements referenced in this Policy, along with other sources of information and support, can be accessed through section 13 (Associated policies and statements).