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Flexible Working Policy 

This policy on flexible working arrangements for University staff has been developed in line with the University's commitment to equality of opportunity and with the intention of helping members of staff to balance their commitments and interests outside work with their contractual duties and responsibilities. It is recognised that being able to offer flexibility in working arrangements may assist members of staff to return to work after a period of absence or to continue in work or to adjust to retirement.

The University's Flexible Working Policy sets out the procedure to be followed when staff ask to work flexibly to achieve a better work/life balance and includes provisions under the government’s Flexible Working Regulations 2014. The most common reasons for such requests are:

  • To fit in with a dependant's care arrangements.
  • Preparing for retirement.
  • Coping with a disability.
  • Combining part-time University employment with other professionally-related work (if of benefit to all concerned).