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Human Resources



The University of Cambridge aims provide maternity benefits which comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law on maternity rights and are in excess of these statutory requirements.

This policy aims to inform employees of their contractual and statutory maternity rights, and to ensure that those rights are understood.


This policy applies to all female employees, regardless of their length of service and entitlement to statutory maternity benefits.

An employee, male or female, who is the prime carer and adopts a child aged under 5 shall have the right to receive leave equivalent to maternity leave; the arrangements for leave for a member of staff who adopts a child aged over 5 shall be at the discretion of the HR Committee, but will be no less than the statutory provision. Please see separate Adoption policy.

Policy ownership and status

The HR Division will be responsible for reviewing this policy on a regular basis in light of any changes in legislation and in consultation with the Unions.