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The use of this form ended on 30 September 2021. For the University’s revised probationary arrangements and forms which apply from 1 October 2021, please follow this link.


Pro forma PD/PROB/R1

Notes for guidance

In the course of the probationary period, information as to progress will be gathered at appropriate intervals. The head of institution (or delegated person) will meet with the probationer at least once a year and a written record of progress will be completed and kept by both parties. See section 4.4 (Meetings and Preliminary Assessment) of the procedural guidance Probationary arrangements for academic offices for further details.

The format for the progress review will normally be as follows. Each progress review is documented, however briefly, with copies signed and retained by the head of institution and individual member of staff. If, at any stage, a third party contributes formally to the progress review this should be recorded and signed accordingly. The level of detail will vary according to individual circumstances. Where performance and progress is clearly satisfactory the formal record is likely to be brief. A more detailed record will be made where specific improvements are needed.

The tone of the reviews should be constructive, giving positive feedback on what has been done well and helpful advice on how to make improvements and/or develop aspects of the job. However, where progress has been unsatisfactory, the head of institution (or delegated person) will need to specify the nature of the concerns and the improvements needed, together with details of how these will be achieved.

If, exceptionally, during probation, the performance of the individual is clearly unsatisfactory and likely to remain so, the head of the institution, after consultation with the Human Resources Division, may recommend to the Appointments Committee that the probationary period be curtailed to enable early termination of the appointment.