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These probationary arrangements expired on 30 September 2021.  For the University’s revised probationary arrangements which apply from 1 October 2021, please follow this link.


COVID-19 Voluntary Impact Assessment Form (Probation)

Please refer to details available here.

Pro forma documentation pertaining to probationary arrangements for academic-related staff

About the forms

Two pro formae have been designed to facilitate the documentation of regular progress reviews during the probationary period (PD/PROB/R2), as well as the final overall assessment towards the end of the probationary period (PD/PROB/A2). Note that the pro forma documentation is to be retained by the department.

For a full explanation of the nature and purpose of probation and its implementation for academic-related staff, please refer to the following procedural guidance: Probationary arrangements for staff in academically related grades.

Obtaining a copy of the forms

Pro formae PD/PROB/R2 and PD/PROB/A2 can be downloaded in Word and RTF formats.