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The use of this form ended on 30 September 2021. For the University’s revised probationary arrangements and forms which apply from 1 October 2021, please follow this link.

Pro forma PD/PROB/A3

Notes for guidance

Approximately two months before the date on which the probationary period is due to end, the Human Resources Division will remind heads of institutions of the need to make a final overall assessment of the performance of the member of staff. This means that progress reviews for short fixed-term appointments would need to be in place from a very early stage.

Where performance during probation has been satisfactory, the head of institution will notify the Human Resources Division that the appointment is confirmed and the central staff record will be amended accordingly. It will be for the head of institution to inform the member of staff concerned that probation has been satisfactorily completed. No formal amendment to the contract of employment will be issued.

Where there have been concerns about the performance of the member of staff, these will have been raised and addressed in the regular progress reviews. Where the concerns have been addressed and the performance has reached a satisfactory level, the action will be as above.

In some instances progress towards successful completion of probation may have been hampered by circumstances beyond the control of all parties e.g. where the member of staff has been absent from work for a substantial period during probation. Where this is the case and there is the prospect of a satisfactory outcome to probation, the head of institution, after consulting the Human Resources Division, can extend the probationary period. At the end of that period, if progress reviews have been satisfactory, the action will be as above.

In the event that performance is judged to be unsatisfactory, despite the remedial actions agreed at the progress reviews, the head of institution, after consulting the Human Resources Division, will inform the individual that the appointment will be terminated.

If the appointment is terminated, the member of staff will have the right to appeal, under the provisions of rule H16. The member of staff will be notified in writing of the right to appeal at the time that formal notice of dismissal is given. Heads of institutions must consult the Human Resources Division before issuing any notice of dismissal.