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The use of this form ended on 30 September 2021. For the University’s revised probationary arrangements and forms which apply from 1 October 2021, please follow this link.

Pro forma documentation pertaining to probationary arrangements for assistant staff

About the forms

Two pro formae have been designed to facilitate the documentation of regular progress reviews during the probationary period (PD/PROB/R3), as well as the final overall assessment towards the end of the probationary period (PD/PROB/A3). Note that the completed pro forma documentation is to be retained by the department.

For a full explanation of the nature and purpose of probation and its implementation for assistant staff, please refer to the following procedural guidance: Probationary arrangements for assistant staff.

Obtaining a copy of the forms

Proformae PD/PROB/R3 and PD/PROB/A3 can be downloaded in Word and RTF formats.