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The framework can be used to support University staff in a number of areas, including:

Recruitment and Selection

Departments/institutions have the option to choose to use behavioural attributes as part of the recruitment and selection process for academic-related and assistant staff. This involves part of the assessment of applicants/candidates being made on the basis of their demonstration of particular behavioural attributes, in addition to an assessment of the knowledge, skills and experience required for the role. It will also ensure that those seeking employment have a clear understanding of the behavioural attributes valued by the University.  

Information is provided within the Recruitment Guidance section of the HR web pages on how the attributes may be used as selection criteria, when short-listing and during interviews.

Learning and Development

Personal and Professional Development (PPD) offer a wide range of training and initiatives to support individuals to meet their development needs. The behavioural attributes are embedded in to PPD's programmes and used to inform what is on offer to employees and their managers.  

In addition, self assessment templates are available for employees and their managers to review current behaviours and identify opportunities for development. Full details of the tools available to support professional development and career progression are available at PPD.

The framework and the assessment templates can be used to support employees and their manager at specific times such as during probation or alongside Staff Review and Development. They can also support more generally to enable staff to carry out their role effectively by providing clear guidance on expected behaviours.