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The positive indicators are intended for use as a guide only and are not exhaustive. Not all indicators will be applicable to all roles within a grade and in some cases may be appropriate to a greater or lesser degree.

Level A

Drives the strategic priorities of the University and inspires a shared vision for its future direction.

Positive indicators

  • Promotes the University's mission and goals, developing strategies to drive their achievement.
  • Monitors developments within the external environment and plans for their impact on the work of the University.
  • Takes an organisational view, thinking beyond the interests of own specialism/area.
  • Identifies and successfully manages complex political agendas within the governance structure.
  • Compares performance with other Universities and centres of excellence to inform objectives and priorities.
  • Develops ways of working that balance the needs of individual institutions and the University.

Level B

Takes a strategic view and creates long-term plans for the institution/area of responsibility. Promotes a shared vision for the University.

Positive indicators

  • Shows an awareness of political, economic and legislative trends and their effect on the University.
  • Creates a vision for the future which supports the aims and objectives of the University.
  • Formulates plans which translate strategy into action.
  • Thinks beyond own specialist area or function, understanding the impact of actions on other areas of the University.
  • Works to influence the University's strategy, direction and culture to increase effectiveness for the future.
  • Considers long-term issues, even when having to respond to changing circumstances.

Level C

Implements the University's strategy and planning activity within the team. Supports the University's mission and priorities.

Positive indicators

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the University's strategy and concentrates on matters that support its achievement.
  • Ensures that own way of working is in line with the strategic direction of the University.
  • Understands the main issues that affect the University.
  • Raises awareness of strategic issues with colleagues.
  • Supports and co-operates with University policy and procedures.
  • Recognises the links between related activities.
  • Acts in the best interests of the University rather than self-interest.

Level D

Demonstrates awareness of the University's direction; understands and supports its mission.

Positive indicators

  • Understands and supports what the University is working to achieve.
  • Understands what other areas of the University do and where to get information.
  • Understands how own role contributes to the goals of the University.
  • Thinks through the wider consequences of own actions.
  • Co-operates with University policy and procedures.