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The positive indicators are intended for use as a guide only and are not exhaustive. Not all indicators will be applicable to all roles within a grade and in some cases may be appropriate to a greater or lesser degree.

Level A

Fosters a culture of innovation to build the University's capability. Identifies and champions new approaches for improving organisational results and achievement.

Positive indicators

  • Tackles strategic challenges with resourcefulness and creative solutions.
  • Draws on ideas and information from external organisations and networks to improve organisational outcomes.
  • Ensures that senior managers are responsible for capturing and disseminating learning and knowledge.
  • Builds capability by promoting the development of new techniques.
  • Drives innovation within institution.
  • Encourages and supports managers to take responsibility for innovation and change.
  • Identifies areas within the University that need to be changed.
  • Demonstrates a personal belief in and commitment to change.
  • Assesses the likely benefit and effect of change before initiating it.
  • Encourages people to question methods and propose more effective alternatives.

Level B

Supports, promotes and implements change. Encourages the adoption of new methods and overcomes barriers to acceptance.

Positive indicators

Some elements of the positive indicators may not apply to roles that do not have line management responsibility.

  • Explores new and innovative ways of working and drives innovation within own area.
  • Introduces new ways of working and overcomes resistance through involving people and demonstrating the benefits.
  • Encourages staff to identify improvements to systems and services and to take these forward.
  • Communicates the desire for the institution to succeed through original thinking.
  • Draws on networks to identify new methods and techniques.
  • Identifies people with the ability to accept change and supports those who find it difficult to adapt.
  • Demonstrates understanding of people's fear of change.

Level C

Develops and promotes new ways of working to improve performance within team and institution.

Positive indicators

  • Identifies areas of good practice and shares successes which may improve ways of working across the institution.
  • Considers new approaches or solutions to problems and demonstrates taking these forward.
  • Develops innovative techniques within own professional field.
  • Keeps abreast of new developments and initiatives outside the University.
  • Encourages colleagues to respond quickly and positively to change.
  • Recognises potential barriers to change and ways in which these might be minimised.

Level D

Understands the need for change, demonstrates flexibility and is willing to try new approaches.

Positive indicators

  • Proposes new ideas in relation to own work.
  • Supports new ideas and initiatives with enthusiasm.
  • Contributes to innovative ideas within own team.
  • Seeks to improve and update knowledge.
  • Demonstrates willingness to try unfamiliar tasks.