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The positive indicators are intended for use as a guide only and are not exhaustive. Not all indicators will be applicable to all roles within a grade and in some cases may be appropriate to a greater or lesser degree.

Level A

Develops sophisticated strategies for influencing the most senior members of the University using logic, reason and persuasive arguments. Effectively reconciles divergent interests.

Positive indicators

  • Identifies legitimate interests and key players before commencing negotiation.
  • Involves and engages internal and external contacts to enhance the effectiveness of proposals and to build support.
  • Anticipates the reactions of key stakeholders and develops negotiation strategies for responding to these effectively.
  • Focuses on important elements of complicated issues to promote the benefits of a proposal to others.
  • Demonstrates awareness of the working relationships between individuals, groups and institutions and how these change over time.
  • Balances conflicting priorities and agendas by achieving acceptable solutions, without damage to long-term relationships.

Level B

Negotiates and influences at senior management level using persuasive arguments. Identifies clear aims in negotiations and achieves satisfactory outcomes.

Positive indicators

  • Successfully persuades and influences at senior management level through building support amongst colleagues and considers the reactions of stakeholders.
  • Negotiates satisfactory solutions on broad or complicated issues with stakeholders.
  • Gains support before presenting proposals.
  • Involves people who have positive attitudes to help secure the commitment of others.
  • Prepares ideal, realistic and fallback positions.
  • Anticipates possible issues, objections and consequences.

Level C

Persuades and influences peers and managers through consideration of their interests, involvement and consultation.

Positive indicators

  • Canvasses opinion and builds support amongst colleagues.
  • Promotes the benefits of a decision or situation to others.
  • Identifies clear aims in negotiations and achieves satisfactory outcomes.
  • Handles objections by acknowledging issues and suggesting alternatives.
  • Ensures that everyone involved is satisfied with agreements that have been reached.
  • Shows willingness to compromise where appropriate to achieve an acceptable solution.

Level D

Persuades and influences colleagues through involvement and consultation.

Positive indicators

  • Seeks, considers and understands alternative opinions.
  • Shows willingness to accommodate the needs of others.
  • Thinks through possible issues and raises these as appropriate.
  • Clearly explains the reasons behind actions.