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The mother or adopter may be able to change their decision to end their maternity or adoption leave early in order to take Shared Parental Leave.  The mother or adopter may be able to revoke a leave curtailment notice by serving a revocation notice.

A curtailment notice can only be revoked if the maternity/adoption leave has not yet ended and one of the following applies:

(a) if the employee realises that neither they nor the other parent are in fact eligible for Shared Parental Leave or ShPP, in which case they can revoke the curtailment notice in writing up to eight weeks after it was given;

(b) if the mother gave the curtailment notice before giving birth, the mother can revoke it in writing up to six weeks after birth; or

(c) if the other parent has died.

Once the employee has revoked a curtailment notice they will be unable to opt back into the Shared Parental Leave scheme, unless the employee was the child’s mother and revoked it in the circumstances in paragraph (b) above.